Through the Mask

The anxiety to breathe under water and know when the next one will arrive is terrifying.
Like a baby frantically looking for the nipple, so am I with life.
Afraid of the unknown, the next moment, the vastness of water, of sinking, of being invisible.
A speck in lifetimes of sand am I.
And so I fall. I surrender the need to conquer my fear of what I most love. 
I let go over and over and do it again and again, each bubbly breath.My being comes forth as I look through the mask and explore the watery world below.

*Written on July 6th after my first day of Scuba Diving.  I felt so much panic and fear rise within me when I was underwater with my gear.  I felt small, helpless and overwhelmed by the power of water.  It frustrated me that the think I love most was something I that I still have fear towards.  I decided to give up trying to conquer and eradicate my fear of the water and co-exist with my love and fear together.  With a dash of courage :)