5 reasons biking in water is better than on land

I was an indoor cycling teacher for a year before I found Aquacyling, a spin class in the water.  What I learned from 3 years of aquacycling is that biking in water is more than a good workout, it is a safe way of exercising and treating the body with care.

1. Harder than it looks


A lot of times people would assume that cycling in the water is easy or an activity only for the elderly, like water aerobics (p.s - water aerobics is a bad-ass workout!).  After 3 minutes of moving their legs on the pedals, they quickly realized how hard the workout is. Not only are you working with the water pressure on the legs but in order to get the pedal around, you have to use the front and back of your legs as there is no fly wheel.  Your thighs are used on the down stroke and your hamstrings on the back stroke up. Great workout that shapes the legs and decreases cellulite. 


2. You get what you put in

Instead of cranking the resistance knob on a land bike, in the water, your crank is the speed of your legs.  The faster you move your legs, the more resistance that is created between you feet and the pedals and the water. If you want a higher cardio workout, all you have to do is pedal faster.  You have the power of deciding what you need that day during that workout.


3. Serves diverse fitness needs

Because each person is in control of the type of workout they get, people of all fitness levels can enjoy aquacycling.  We had women who were marathon runners, people recovering from surgeries and injuries, women who were pregnant, older woman who wanted to relieve soreness in their muscles.  They could all be in the same class and they each get the workout they need.

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 01.04.12.png

4. Working out doesn't have to be painful

There is a "no pain, no gain" ideal about working out.  With the rise of spinning, cross-fit and boot camps, if you workout and aren't sore a day later, you did something wrong.  No matter how hard you workout in aquacycling, your soreness afterwards is minimal.  You will sleep better, alleviate soreness from other types of land workouts, burn 400k + calories in 45 minutes and get a massage in your legs, all in one workout.  

5. More than a workout - way of being 

In aquacycling, you may come in for a great workout, but what you leave with is a closer relationship with your body in the water.  There are things you can do in the water that you just can't do on land.  Many clients would come up to me after class and tell me things like "I stopped my sleeping medication" or "I am off my anxiety medication" or "Aquacycling helps me relax" or "What I learned in aquacycling class prepared me for my labor experience" or "I feel more in touch with my body."