Yoga in support for clean water for schools: World Water Day - March 22nd

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We all deserve access to clean, drinkable water. Period.


In celebration of World Water Day on March 22nd, I am offering 2 yoga classes where 100% of the proceeds go to Watering Minds, an organization that gets clean water into the hands of our youth through global schools. 

If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, sign up for a class below!


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Please come to a class and / or donate what you can to this incredible cause.  Happy Water Day!

  • Tuesday, March 20th 7pm with Anne Koller @ Kundalini Yoga & Meditation
    Namaste Berkeley --> Sign up
  • Thursday, March 22nd 5:30pm with Anne and with Ram Kirin @ Alameda Beach --> Sign up

5 Steps to Floating: How to relax in a float tank

5 Steps to Floating: How to relax in a float tank

Being able to relax in an 8 foot by 11 foot tank of water in the darkness with no sound is not an easy task, especially for people afraid of water and small spaces.  Here are five tips I use in order to help me relax and feel at one with the water in floatation tanks. 

5 Water Meditations for the bathtub

The image of water is commonly used in meditation as a symbol of the infinite flow that moves through blockages and unlocks inner peace and healing. What better way to access this flow then by turning visualization into reality and meditating in water, rejuvenating the mind, body and spirit in the process? Meditating in water can enhance the power of a meditation—reverberating a mantra’s sound current inside a human body of water, calming the overactive mind, and encouraging a feeling of non-attachment and weightlessness.  

Try one of these five meditations viewed over 25,000 times.