It all started when...

I heard "follow the water." 

After 10 years of living in New York City in 2016, my job teaching Aquacyling had come to an end, my company TAPIN was put on pause, a romantic relationship ended and my beautiful Brooklyn home was in flux.  I remember walking on Hicks Street in Cobble Hill waving my flag of surrender and asking "What do I do now?"  "How may I serve my purpose in this world?" I listened.  An immediate response came from somewhere deep within me that simply yet powerfully stated, "follow the water." 

It felt like an exhale. Three words that would alter my life.  

I asked a second question, "Thank you for this incredible answer, could you be more specific?" The answer came in a flashing pink sign visual in my mind that said "California."  California had water. I assumed the three words were literal.

I had planned to go to Blue Mind Summit 6 in Monterrey in California and the Watsu teacher I was to study with was in California.  Yet again, California made sense. During the time of the message I was working on a project called "Women and Water" with my teacher, Hari Kaur, and assumed that this call was to go on a journey of writing for our book.

I gave up most of my things and moved west.  No job and not a lot of money, all I had was a beautiful room in a community home and a message. 

As I began to open and let go of the push of New York City I had always experienced, I began to receive projects, jobs, friendships that easily flowed in. 

What unfolded was a bigger journey than I could have expected.  The call to follow the water that had at first seemed literal became symbolic.  It was a call to follow myself, to follow life.  To let life guide me, not me push it.  It was a call to flow gracefully and wait, listen and receive the wisdom of water.  A quest to explore life through water.

Being in the water allows me to be at home within myself.  For me, water is my medicine.  And opening myself to exploring how that medicine works is the impetus for this project.  My goal is to continue to learn diverse ways water heals and exists from experts, artists, teachers, and water lovers around the world in hopes of capturing the wisdom in video, photos and stories.  And maybe someday, I can share it on a larger scale, like opening a massive center dedicated to water education, healing and art :)

Follow the water might be a phrase I heard only a year ago but the journey had begun long ago.  I just didn't know what to call it.  Now I do.

Follow the water.  Join me. 

In love of water,

Anne Judith Koller