From water birth to grieving, floating to diving, Follow the Water is a quest to explore myself and my emotions through water.


"We are of the same drop. A multitude of droplets that make the whole." Water said to me in May of 2017. I started to weep and my body began to shake. I didn't know what was happening to me. All I could do was write down the words that were coming through fast and furious, angry and compassionate, frustrated and loving. Water had something to say. These are her words.


 It all started when I decided to Follow the Water 

Every time I am in water, I learn something about myself.

Water has taught me how to grieve, heal, open to joy, deal with fear and panic, try out new things, be vulnerable, and better connect with my body. It is the guiding force behind my healing, creativity and emotional exploration.

My curiosity to uncover more of water's wisdom fuels Follow the Water, my way of sharing how water reflects who we are and its innate quality to balance, harmonize and evolve. 

It is my hope that the more we understand our relationship with water, the more we will keep the waters within us and around us sacred.  I invite you to follow the water, to deepen your relationship with our most precious element. 

We are of the same drop. A multitude of droplets made into the whole.


I am the reflection you cannot, will not, choose to see. See me now. Feel me now.


My tumultuous waves are mirrored in your anger, your childlike laughter reflected in my bubbles, your tears that of my salty liquid.